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Leeds Chinese Community School

Registered Charity Number 516097
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About us

Leeds Chinese Community School is a community run, not-for-profit Chinese supplementary school. Our aim is to provide Chinese languages and culture learning opportunities for children of local communities. The School opens during term-time Sundays from 12 noon to 4pm.  Cantonese/Traditional writing classes are taught from Beginner up to A-Level.  Mandarin classes are taught from Breakthrough to Preliminary Level (Asset Language). We are also extending the Mandarin stream to cover Intermediate and Advanced levels, year by year.

Image of a classroom group Opening hours:
The School opens on Sundays, between 12 noon - 4 pm, during term times only.

Main Curriculum:
Lessons are taught in the Cantonese language, written in traditional Chinese characters, and also in the Mandarin language, written in simplified Chinese characters.

Activity Classes:
Chinese Dance.

Brief history

The school was first established in 1966 and was registered as a charity in 1985. The aims of the school are to provide Chinese language classes and to promote Chinese culture for school age children out of normal school hours. At present, classes are held on Sunday afternoons during term time at Grammar School at Leeds.

There has been a long history of the Chinese community living, working or studying in Leeds. The need for a school dedicated to educate the younger generations to understand the culture, tradition and languages of China in this community is evident and is therefore the main purpose of the school. The school also provides recreational activities and participates in regional/ national competitions. These activities are to enhance our pupils' and their families' enthusiasm for the school and to improve some of the children's quality in life as most of their parents work over weekends.

The school is also an ideal place to facilitate understanding between the older and the younger generations because some of the parents / guardians stay during school hours to socialise. This helps some members of the Chinese community to better integrate into the British society, thus reducing risks of social isolation and exclusion. Newcomers of the community are welcome into the school and to take part in its social activities. We hope this will make the process of their settling in Leeds easier, happier and a bit quicker.

The school has achieved excellent GCSE results over the years and has won various awards from competitions. The volunteers, pupils and their families are justifiably very proud of these achievements and they provide immense boost to our morale.

Membership to the school is open to all those who attend the lessons and support school activities. There is an executive committee, consisting of 15 members elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve for terms of 3 years. Meetings are held regularly with committee members, teachers and all those who are involved with the running of the school. Planning of the school curriculum, extra curricular activities, resources and management are discussed, audited and reviewed in these meetings.

Our vision is to provide a broader programme to cater for and to involve more members of the community to improve what we have already achieved. And above all, we want to work with the Chinese community for the welfares of our children.